tony-polley247cTony Polley
Born in New York and currently lives in Connecticut, has been drumming for over 20 years, specializing in technical metal style with odd time signature jazz theory. Tony is currently in touring metal band” Physics Of Demise” also from Connecticut, who is currently in the studio working on their second studio album planning on being released the summer of 2015. Tony has been involved in multiple drum clinics and has won several drum offs around Connecticut and New York. He also in his spare time, offers private drum lessons to children and young adults.

” I could not be happier that Drum Dial exists, I have always been one of those drummers who is seriously focused on the tuning of his drums and goes the extra mile to make sure my sound is on point at all times, Drum Dial makes this possible each and every time and is always 100% precise. I truly believe in this product and tell everyone about it where ever I go, I have one dial for practice at home and I have one that comes on the road with me to every show. This thing is by far the most amazing product to have revolutionized the world of drumming!”