thomas-lowreyThomas Lowrey is on his way!  He started formal drum lessons at age 6 at Rob Ferrell Drum Studio, in Southern California. He played his first live shows at age 10, and made his pro stage debut at age 13 with Johnny Vatos’ Oingo Boingo Dance Party! Thomas plays in other local bands, and also drums at Orange County School of the Arts in their Commercial Music Conservatory.  Keep your eyes on this young man as it will be fun to watch his musical journey!

“Every time I tune my drums and change heads, I use the DrumDial!  There are times when you are at a venue, and tap tuning the kit is just not an option with so much background noise, or other bands sound checking.  With the DrumDial I can accurately adjust the drum head tensions to exactly where I like them, and not worry that another band can hear me tap tuning side stage!  This is an important tool for drummers to have, and it is simple to use to make sure your kit is literally Dialed-in!” – Thomas Lowrey


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