steve-morrisonSteve “Steevo” Morrison
Drum Tech Services was founded in 2011 by highly acclaimed drum tech, Steve Morrison. For the past 13 years, Steve has worked with some of the world’s top drummers, such as Tommy Lee, Stephen Perkins, Robin Goodridge, Teddy Campbell, ‘Lil’ John Roberts, Joey Jordison, and Nate Morton. After thousands of shows and years of touring, “Steevo” has decided to concentrate his efforts locally on getting the best sounding and looking drums for television & film, specifically, NBC’s smash hit, The Voice. In addition to working on The Voice, Steevo is also focusing on making custom snare drums for the most discerning artists and he is ready to make your dream snare become a reality.

“DrumDial gives me the ability to tune quietly while achieving the same great sound show after show. I rely on my DrumDial, both at The Voice and in the shop because no other tuning device comes close.”

Drum Tech – The Voice
DTS Custom Snare Drums