augustine06202014Steve Augustine
Steve has always had a love for drums and rhythm. At age 2 he was counting in songs on the radio, and asking for drums to play. By age 5 his Mom was tired of all the damage he was doing to their pots, pans and Tupperware, so she bought him a drum set from the local toy store. Steve never looked back, playing 3-5 hours daily, not to “practice”, but just because he loved it so much. It wasn’t long before Steve got the attention of a few local bands, and by age 12 started to play out at churches, clubs, and camps whenever he could. By 15 he had recorded with his high school band (Lennon Road), and by 17 had a full schedule of working by day, and playing drums by night.Today, Steve tours the world full time as a partner of the bands Thousand Foot Krutch, and FmStatic, playing 200 plus shows per year over the past 13 years.