Ronnie was born on December 8th in Detroit, Michigan.He moved around a lot as a kid but this exposed him to new friends with different musical tastes. Ronnie is a self taught drummer & has been playing  for 30 years.He  has  been influenced by many artists and bands. Top on the list is Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy,Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee &  Rush’s drummer Neil Peart.

Ronnie was playing in cover bands in high school on the weekends. Moving to Los Angeles & Phoenix Arizona he honed his drumming skills in original touring bands for years all over the U.S.His main focus for the last year  has been Threeonethree a Detroit metal band rising to the top of their market quickly. With a highly anticipated debut CD to come out 2022  & a tour to follow. Threeonethree are ready to take the world by storm.

Threeonthree is a high-octane metal band with a hardcore and djent mix with punk energy.

Drums: Drum Workshop
Drum tuner: DrumDial
Pedal’s: Trick  Pro V1
Cymbals: Paiste
Drum Sticks: Ahead (5BLTD /Tommy Lee)
Cases: AHEAD Armor cases
Associated Bands: Threeonethree
FORCES, Sin Theorem,The Anvil Chorus, Fury

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