R. Michael Cook

Michael works in the oddly unrelated genres of country and metal. Whether it’s recording his songs with his band The Comancheros, playing a festival with his metal band A Hill to Die Upon, or hiring out as a session musician, Michael tends to stay pretty busy. Finding that his graduate studies in Greek and Latin at the University of Missouri-Columbia did not allow enough time to play drums, Michael left to carpe diem.

At 26, Michael has been active over the last 12 years, recording albums with A Hill to Die Upon and The Comancheros, touring the US, and playing festivals in Mexico and across Europe. Michael also teaches at Palen Music Center in Columbia, Missouri.

“My Drum Dial is the saving grace whenever I’m overseas, in the studio, or at a gig. I always know that my kit or the house kit is gonna sound great as long as I have 5 minutes with the Drum Dial.”







309-221-9665   rmichaelcook@live.com

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