dt6The DrumDial drum trigger is an extremely sensitive, heavy duty, long lasting alternative to electronically trigger your acoustic drum set. DrumDial drum triggers are compatible with any electronic drum module and comes standard with a quality-insulated cable, ¼” input jack, mounting tape, Velcro fastener and a cable mounting bracket. Our drum triggers are set in Mil-spec Electro-mechanical grade epoxy and then sealed in rubber to insure unsurpassed reliability. Great for your snare, kick or toms. Purchase them one at a time or in sets of five.

Remove one side of the backing from the double-sided tape and attach it to the flat side of the trigger element. Remove the other side of the backing and attach the trigger element to the drumhead about ¾” from the rim near a tuning lug.

dd56Attach the ¼” jack to the drum by using the mounting clip or Velcro tape.

Using the mounting clip: Remove a tension screw at the desired mounting point, place the ¼” jack into the clip and mount it to the drum lug by inserting the tension screw through the clip and rim. Then tighten as needed.

Using Velcro tape: Remove one side of the adhesive backing and attach it to the ¼” jack. Remove the other side of the adhesive backing, attach it to the drum shell or rim at a convenient location and press the Velcro halves together.

Connect the drum trigger to your drum module and properly adjust the module’s parameters (sensitivity, gain, threshold, noise, etc.) and volume.

Limited Warranty
This product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal use for six (6) months from the date of purchase. DrumDial will repair or replace without charge any defective part if returned to seller during the warranty period, provided this warranty and the original dated sales slip accompany the drum trigger when returned. This warranty is void if any defects are caused by mishandling, negligence, damage (not resulting from defect or malfunction), or any repairs have been carried out by other than DrumDial. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to state.