Mike Perkinpine

Mike Perkinpine

Mike Perkinpine is a freelance drum technician. He has been a professional tech since 1998. He specializes in being able to utilize many different techniques when building and making drums. He also has an extensive knowledge building electronic and hybrid kits.

He features an extensive resume and has worked alongside many veterans in the drumming industry. Most notable lately, being the technician of choice for Vinny Appice, Greg D’Angelo and Dave Lombardo.

Currently he is working for Vinny Appice with his band Last In Line. Following that he is slated to work for Gonzo Sandoval with Armored Saint for their fall/winter tour slated to start in mid November. Mike currently resides in Anaheim, California.

“As a pro drum tech, tuning is top priority and when I don’t have much time or in a quiet situation, DrumDial is the tool of choice”