A high energy Canadian drummer with a passion for perfection, Martin Bellamy’s style has been sculpted from the influences of the rock and metal gods! His growing YouTube channel MBDrums has something for everyone. From drum covers, to gear reviews, to his fun and innovative series called Does it Need Double Bass? A series where unsuspecting songs from TV Shows and Movies get a tasteful dash of double bass drumming alongside some impressive video editing! Things are just kicking off, so be sure to check out MBDrums each week where all the fun and excitement is!

“The DrumDial is a product that I can’t go without. Having used mine for over 15+ years, it has been an absolute lifesaver. Great for recording and getting a consistent sound out of your kit, it allows you to get the tones you could only dream of. It’s a must for any drummer of any skill level!”

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