joseph-hernandez250Well, I am far more then impressed with this great tuner. It makes life much easier for the drummer on the go. To be on the road, take on gigs at any given moment and being able to tune my drums to conform to the genre of music I’m playing is so easy and effective with DrumDial, it boggles my mind. The heads are always perfectly pitched and tuned that each one of my toms comes alive and has its own individual voice, which to me is vital. Im looking forward to putting their products to the test and know that I will get great results with this company. Great product and team DrumDial always has the answers I need.

Given the gift from GOD, drumming became easy to Joseph at a young age. Remembering his mother, when she would put the pots and pans in front of him; gave him some wooden spoons and the rest was history in the making. Growing up in San Francisco, CA in the Mission District, music was most prevalent in his life; living two houses away from the great Santana family.

Having reflections on accomplishments throughout his career, Joseph would remember his younger years, when he walk over to the Santana’s garage and watch them rehearse. After rehearsal, they use to sit him behind the drum set and mentored him to “keep the pocket” and the rest will come. Never limiting himself to one genre of music, he incorporated all that he has learned, further forming and perfecting his style of play.

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