rodriguez06202014Javier Aponte – Rodriguez
Javier Aponte – Rodriguez, was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Since his childhood, Javier showed his interest in being a musician and obviously a drummer. He began playing drums at church and by the age of 12 he owned his first drumset. At just 15 years of age, Javier wanted to obtain as much experience as possible so he began to play with various artists and bands such as: Oikos, Hosannas De Borinquen, Linda Gonzalez and Maribel Soto. Javier’s work includes a variety of musical styles and artists such as Samuel Hernandez (Gospel Music), Vico C – Latin Grammy Artist (Hip-Hop), Olem (Jazz Fusion), Luis Rojas (Pop Rock), Ignacio Pena (Alternative), Olga Tanon – Latin Grammy Artist (Merengue), Kany Garcia – Latin Grammy Artist (Latin Pop), and Latin Grammy Artist Monica Rodriguez (Gospel, Pop Music).