Gideon WaxmanGideon Waxman is a London based drummer who runs the Drum Helper website – one of the web’s most popular free online drumming resources. Gideon studied music performance at the University of Westminster, and now regularly performs at concerts and events as a freelance percussionist as well as enjoying teaching drums. Gideon started Drum Helper with the aim to inspire and to motivate drummers of all abilities, and to be a reliable and high quality source of information for all things drums.

“Drum Dial is the original and best precision drum tuner on the market. Using the DrumDial makes my life so much easier when it comes to tuning drums, it saves a lot of time and effort – and I find it gets it right each and every time. The product is incredibly accurate for reading drumhead tension and it’s an essential must-have for any drummer seeking consistently great sounds.”

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