danny-britoDanny Brito
Danny Brito is a freelance Drum-Set and Percussionist residing in Phoenix Arizona. He maintains a busy performance schedule encompassing a wide variety of genres. He can be seen on tour in North America with Gabriel Ayala, performing original world jazz music with his Danny Brito Trio, and co-producing with award winning composer Jason Camiolo of Audio Engine West. Danny is also debuting ” The Chromasthetic Canvas” ; A performance art exhibit in which he utilizes DrumDial Triggers to convert an art canvas into a musical experience.

” I love my Digitial Drum Dial, The light up LCD display is so useful on dark stages. I use my DrumDial to maintain a consistent sound through out my various set ups. Since I use so many different set ups, it is nice to have a go to setting to speed up my set ups and tuning process”.