Danny BollwahnDrumming has been a passion of mine since I could walk (I’m twenty five years old now). From playing on coffee cans to getting my first drum set at age twelve. Doing three years of jazz band in high school to playing live gigs since I was sixteen. Playing in various bands throughout. My main influences from Lars Ulrich to Neil Peart. They play a big role in my style of drumming. Always working on perfecting my craft and always learning new things. Currently, I drum for Death Metal band, “Alukah”. I currently endorse Trick Drum Pedals and proudly use Tama, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Remo, Roland, and most importantly, DrumDial.

“I’ve been using the DrumDial since 2011. I honestly cannot live without this amazing device where you can easily and quickly tune your drums to your liking by simply setting it on your drum head near each lug and tuning it to what ever number tension you want on the gauge. I use to tune by ear and couldn’t get the right tuning that I wanted and always having that uneven tension where it’s noticeable to everyone. Without the DrumDial, I’d still be tuning by ear and getting frustrated to find that perfect tension which is why I recommend it to every drummer. It’ll most importantly save you time”.

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